Looking back

“Tensions loomed before Russel’s birth. Kamal, Jamal, Rehana, Khoka uncle and I, were at home. Ma was with Boro Fupu and Mejo Fupu (paternal aunts). A doctor and a nurse came along with. Time seemed to had stopped. Jamal and Rehana kept on falling asleep only to wake up again. We stayed awake the entire night to welcome the youngest member of family. Mejo Fupu came out with news. We had a baby brother. Our joys knew no bounds. We couldn’t wait to see our baby brother. Mejo Fupu said she would call. Soon our wait came to an end. Boro Fupu placed him in my lap. A head full of thick black hair, fluffy fluffy cheeks, Russel was quite the healthy child.”
Source: Sheikh Hasina, ‘Amader Choto Russel Shona’


Russel would never want to leave his father during his prison visits. He used to be very upset when he had to leave. Bangabandhu wrote about Russel in his Karagarer Rojnamcha (prison diaries), on 15 June 1966 “18-month-old Russel wouldn’t smile after coming to the jail office, till he sees me. Just like in the past, saw him shouting “Abba! Abba!” from far away. A truck full of goods was entering through the jail gate. So, I stood at the window and caressed him. A truck full of goods was entering through the jail gate. So I stood at the window and caressed him. As soon as I entered the room, Russel grabbed me by my neck and smiled. They said he would stare at the window till I had arrived, saying “Abbar bari”. He thought this was his father’s home. I have to trick him when it’s time to go.”


Among other topics, Bangabandhu wrote about Russel in his Karagarer Rojnamcha (prison diaries) on April 14-15, 1967 “When I arrived at the prison gate, I was surprised to see that little Russel was not standing outside”. When I entered the room and took him in my lap, he held me by my neck and called me “Abba! Abba!” a few times; and then went to his mother’s lap and started calling his mother “Abba! Abba!”. I asked “What is the matter?” His mother said, “At home, he keeps on crying saying “Abba! Abba!”. So, I told him to call me Abba”. Russel again started calling his mother “Abba! Abba!”. No matter how much I answered his call, he would bury his face in his mother’s shoulder saying, “You’re my Abba!”. It seems that he is upset with me. He no longer wants to take me with him when he leaves.”


In 1971, Russel and his family, including his mother and two sisters, were imprisoned in a house on Dhanmondi, road No. 18. His father Bangabandhu was imprisoned in a jail in Pakistan and his two elder brothers Sheikh Kamal and Sheikh Jamal had gone to fight in the liberation war. He was released on December 16, 1971, along with his mother, sisters and other family members. Russel came out of the house saying 'Joy Bangla'. Victory celebrations were going on out there.


On the dark night of 15 August 1975, Sheikh Russel along with his family members, was assassinated as a result of domestic and foreign conspiracy. He was then only a student of grade 4 of University Laboratory School.